Utility Billing System
The ASP Utility Billing System is designed for use in Municipalities and Water/Sewer Districts.

A few of the key system features are:
  • Security access by user and password. Each operator allowed different levels of security by user script.

  • The ability to process up to 20 consumption, flat rate and percentage services like electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, garbage, street lights, utility taxes, penalties and other miscellaneous services.

  • Process pro-rated bills automatically by number of days of service. The system also has the ability to automatically apply utility deposits with the final bill.

  • The Rate Study Analysis module allows the customer to run a projected rate study by setting up a user-defined projected rate table.

  • The ASP Utility Billing System interfaces with the ASP Handheld, Touch and Radio Meter Reading Systems. Also interfaces with all major meter reading vendors.

  • Displays and/or prints each customer's master file information and billing history accessed by account number, name, service address or parcel number. History inquiry parameters include date, transaction type (bills, bill adjustments, cash receipt, cash receipt adjustments), in summary or detail with no past date limitation.

  • Prints utility bills, work orders, delinquency and shut-off notices, dunnage notices and customer labels. Ability to print bills and delinquency notices to occupant, owner or both.

  • Flags out-of-range readings during billing process.

  • Allows the customer to change all constant fields/factors including rates, steps, minimums, codes, classes, units and other miscellaneous items.

  • Distributes cash receipts including partial payments automatically following a user-defined formula.

  • On line inquiry on all master file information available during bill and cash receipt posting.

  • Postnet barcode capable.

    • Barcode printing available for cash receipt scanning.

  • The Work Order module allows the processing and printing of work orders.

  • Interfaces with the ASP Budgetary Accounting and Centralized Cash Receipting Systems.