Miscellaneous Billing System
The ASP Miscellaneous Billing System is designed for use in Municipalities and Special Governmental Districts.

A few of the key system features are:
  • Security access by user and password. Each operator allowed different levels of security by user script.

  • Has the ability of billing up to 99 different types of customers and running any number of multiple billing cycles.

  • Has the ability to process 999 different types of charges and credits allowing the user to change all constant fields and factors.

  • Customer master files can be set for reoccurring bills with set dollar amount or no amount with the option to add new charges at the time of input.

  • Has the ability to apply finance charge to outstanding charges by percentage or flat amount.

  • Has the ability to apply multiple sales tax rates to invoice amount.

  • Displays and/or prints each customer's master file record and billing history accessed by account number, name, address, parcel number and sales tax code.

  • Performs an automatic month and year-end processing on master and history records.

  • Generates billing statements, invoices, billing and cash receipts journals, name cross reference report, labels, trial balance report, age analysis report, charge report, history report, sales tax report, and past period report.