Building Permit System
The ASP Building Permit System is designed for use in Municipalities and Public Works Departments.

A few of the key system features are:
  • Security access by user and password. Each operator allowed different levels of security by user script.

  • Has the ability to track all activities associated with the permit process. The system will track the application, permit, inspections, and all financial details of the permit cycle. The system will also keep track of conditions that are to be met before and after the issuing of a permit.

  • The system is comprehensive enough to keep track of all the necessary details, but is also easy to use by the occasional user who just needs to check the status of a permit. Access to the permit can come from the entry or partial entry of owner name, property address, permit type, permit number, and contractor.

  • Automatically posts fees based on permit type. Utilizes the UBC table, flat fees, percentage of fees and other miscellaneous fees.

  • Prints several standard permit forms. Custom permit forms are also available.

  • Provides a complete accounts receivable system to keep track of the amounts owing or deposits made for each permit.

  • Has the ability to interface to the ASP Cash Receipting System.

  • Provides user defined inspections/conditions to accommodate unique situations at each customer site.

  • Provides statistical reports that summarize permits issued and fees collected for each permit and fee type for monthly and annual reports. Also provides a comparison to the previous year's month and year totals.

  • Has the ability to generate customer letters. All letters are user defined and are generated using the information from the permit database. Also can print customer labels.

  • Reports can be displayed or printed. A few report examples are permit, property, accounts receivable, inspection/conditions, permit fee recap, permits issued, permit history, name, address, property, contractor, and history.