Handheld Meter Reading System
The ASP Handheld Meter Reading System is designed for use in Municipalities and Water/Sewer Districts.

A few of the key system features are:
  • The ability to read meters either by manual input, touch read and radio read.

  • Speeds up the billing process by entering meter reads electronically and automatically generating utility bills.

  • Increases reading accuracy by detecting bad reads in the field by flagging reads that are out of range either high or low.

  • Provides valuable reports like out of range readings, repair notices, skipped meters, service requests, and others based on user requirements.

  • Provides valuable information to meters readers like next meter to be read, meter directions, customer name, meter warning, service address, meter number, and register ID tag.

  • Provides the meter reader the ability to search for meters based on account number, customer name, meter number, service address, register ID tag.

  • Downloads can be performed by either cable hookup or infrared signal.