Inventory System
The ASP Inventory System is designed for use in Municipalities and Special Governmental Districts.

A few of the key system features are:
  • Security access by user and password. Each operator allowed different levels of security by user script.

  • Has the ability to process inventory receipts, inventory issues, inventory orders, inventory adjustments, and report on the current status of inventory items.

  • Information kept on each inventory item includes inventory number, description, location, manufacturer, job number, vendor name, units on hand and on order, re-order point, replacement cost, average cost, value on hand, and month-to-date and year-to-date totals, and many user defined miscellaneous fields.

  • Has the ability to perform automatic updates to the ASP Budgetary and Job Cost Systems.

  • Interfaces with the ASP Handheld Inventory Reading Devices for physical inventory.

  • Performs automatic month and year-end processing.

  • Generates reports of inventory by parameters including inventory number, re-order point, type, history date, type of transaction (receipts not ordered, receipts ordered, issues, adjustments, and orders), and many user defined miscellaneous fields.