Fund Accounting System
The ASP Fund Accounting/General Ledger System is designed for use in Municipalities and Special Governmental Districts. A few of the key system features are:
  • Security access by user and password. Each operator allowed different levels of security by user script.
  • Process financial transactions including, checks, receipts, interfund transfers, investments, redemptions, encumbrances, budget amendments, prior year adjustments, general journal entries on either a cash, accrual or modified accrual basis. All transactions may be posted to expenditure, revenue or general ledger accounts.
  • Budget preparation of both revenues and expenditures with eight previous years budget and actual amounts. Automatically brings each account up in the chart of accounts for input of budget amount or allows automatic budget import of a percentage of the previous year's budget. Standard reports include the budget report for budget amount, amount expended or received month-to-date, year-to-date and variance. Adopted budget report for proposed, approved and adopted budget with historical budget history.
  • Automatically detects for duplicate invoice, check, purchase order numbers
  • Allows access to vendor information while posting invoices to add vendors and change to vendor information fields. Vendor distribution can be preset up to 20 line items with set amounts or percentages.
  • Automatic interface from the ASP Payroll System for employee and employer cost distributions.
  • Allows user-defined chart of accounts up to 25 characters.
  • Allows the user to close out one budget year and go into the next budget year and retain the ability to make correction in the previous budget year.
  • Performs an automatic month end and year-end processing.
  • On screen or print of budget history by account number, date, vendor number or transaction type.
  • Automatic interface to Project/Job Cost System.
  • Automatic message flag if over budget while posting invoices and purchase orders.
  • Standard reports are built into the monthly and annual reporting. Also has user defined report generation. Popular reports used are check register, outstanding check report, voucher report, vendor report, monthly and annual expenditure and revenue report, estimated expenditure and revenue report, expenditure/encumbrance report, monthly and annual operation of cash report, monthly and annual investment reports, monthly and comparative balance sheet, cash requirements report, age analysis report, combined balance sheet report and over budget report.
  • Prints on pre-printed laser or continuous feed forms for 1099's, checks, vouchers, and vendor labels

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