Payroll System
The ASP Payroll System is designed for use in Municipalities and Special Governmental Districts.
A few of the key system features are:
  • Security access by user and password. Each operator allowed different levels of security by user script.
  • The ability to process multiple pay periods, including draws, both salaried and hourly paid personnel, multiple pay rates, regular, overtime, vacation, sick, holiday, comp and 104 other types of hours.
  • Employee direct deposit with up to 3 bank accounts per employee.
  • The ability for the user to change all constant payroll factors including Federal and State withholding table amounts, FICA rates and limit, retirement rates, and user defined deduction and benefits amounts.
  • Automatic calculation of payroll checks with both gross and net on the screen at the time of input with the allowance to change specific information. The system handles all types of earnings amounts, both employer benefit and employee deductions amounts, and employee leave information.
  • Distribution of both employee and employer payroll costs by up to 999 individual departments. Automatic interface to the ASP Budgetary Accounting System and the Job Cost System.
  • Automatic generation of vendor benefit checks.
  • Optional time card entry program.
  • Selective report on all master file and history file fields.
  • Automatic quarter and year end processing.
  • Generation of checks, check register, personnel benefits report, employee trial balance report, quarterly reports, W2's, payroll journal, non-paid report, employee master file report, state retirement report, detailed distribution report, history reports by employee and pay period ranges, selective reports in employee number or alphabetic order for any hours, earnings, deduction or benefit field by employee and pay period ranges.