Cemetery Information System
The ASP Cemetery Information System is designed for use in Municipalities.

A few of the key system features are:
  • Security access by user and password. Each operator allowed different levels of security by user script.

  • Displays and/or prints master file information and history information accessed by account number, location, name, and deceased name. Information includes name, address, paid by, death date, deceased name mortuary, lot location, birth date, burial date, sale date, payment date, current balances and many more user defined fields.

  • Displays name, dollar amounts and account balances during posting at time of input and allows changes to specific information as required.

  • Allows the user to change all constant fields and factors.

  • Generates billing and receipting journals, trial balance report, payment report, labels, name report, location report, deceased report, and history report.

  • Has the ability to interface to the ASP Cash Receipting System.